• International Conference

    As Business Today’s flagship conference for over 40 years, the International Conference connects premier business leaders, many from Fortune 500 companies, with top undergraduate students from all over the world.

  • Aspire Conference

    Aspire aims to empower women in business, bringing together female executives and undergraduates, emphasizing one-on-one mentorship experiences, and providing an intimate conference experience.

  • Designation Conference

    As our newest conferences, Designation aims to empower the next generation of product designers, brand creators, and entrepreneurial thinkers by bringing together top creative executives and design-driven students.

  • Seminars

    Seminars is the channel through which Princeton students interact with business leaders, through our newly established BT Breakouts program where students participate in office visits, or through on-campus seminars.

Excellence Since 1968

Since our founding by Steve Forbes in 1968, our mission has been to create a dynamic forum for influential business leaders to interact with top undergraduate students from campuses worldwide, and to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

Business Today is a non-profit, student-run 501(c)(3) organization that runs three conferences a year, countless seminars on the Princeton University campus where we are headquartered, and the most widely distributed undergraduate magazine in the country. We sponsor students around the world to attend our conferences for free.


In the Fall 2017 issue of the Business Today magazine, Ebay CEO Devin Wenig sat down with Business Today writers to discuss technological disruption, the shifting value system of the millennial generation and how his company has had to adapt in an ever changing payment space. Ultimately, he noted: “What really inspires me is that the corporate entity can make human lives better.”

In a Spring 2017 Seminar, Teach for All Founder and CEO Wendy Kopp discussed how she first got the idea for Teach for America, how her undergraduate experience shaped her career, and how to adapt education policy to refocus on student outcomes. A Princeton alumnus from the class of 1989, Kopp chronicled her senior thesis, which ultimately would shape her early work with Teach for America.

The winner of the 2016 International Conference Impact Challenge—a seed-funding competition for students interested in social entrepreneurship—was Upsolve. Upsolve is a nonprofit that helps provide free chapter-seven bankruptcy to low-income New Yorkers. As a reward for winning the challenge, Upsolve was granted $15,000 in seed funding and a month of mentorship from top executives.

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